Q: When does registration begin and end?
A: Registration begins on March 1st each year.  This is the start of our early registration discount which ends March 31st but we will continue to register students until all classes have been filled.  (Some classes have limited seating and can potentially be filled as early as mid-March). 

Q: How many students are in a class?
A: Each class has a head teacher and also two teachers assistants for a total of 3 instructors per class.  Maximum class sizes depend on the grade level and are as follows:
    - Kindergarten: 22      - 1st Grade to 6th Grades: 25

Q: Do you offer pick up and drop off services? 
A: Sorry but we do not provide any transportation services.  Children must be dropped off and picked up at the school.  We do have counselors waiting in front of the main entrance in the morning that will escort your child into the building from your car. For dismissals we can also bring them to your car once you arrive but there will be no pickups from 5:00m to 5:30pm.  No need to find parking!  

Q: What kind of food will be served at the camp?
A: Breakfast and Lunch will be served by the Dept. of Ed. School Meals Program right in the cafeteria of PS 120.  Here is a link to their website which will have the menus available during the summer: Office of School Foods.  You can always bring your own meals if know your children do not like the school meals.  

Q: Can I receive a discount if I do not attend for the full 7 weeks?
A: Unfortunately the answer is no.  We base our budget on the fact that all seats will be filled for the entire camp.  If you're gone for a week or two we cannot fill that seat while you are gone and it would destroy our budget. 

Q: Can I go on the trips with my children?  
A: Yes, there will be a trip sign up sheet for parents to be chaperons. The only time you might not be able to go on a trip is if the there are too many parents that want to go and there is not enough space on the school bus to take everyone. In that case, we will hold a lottery to see which parents go.  You can also always drive and meet us at the location if you wish. 

Q: What do my children do if they are NOT going on the class trips?
A: Children can only come to camp when their class is in the building.  If the class trip is only a half day and they will return to the school at 1:00PM, then you should keep your child at home in the morning and you can send them to camp to rejoin their class when it returns.  If the class is away on a full day trip then your child should stay at home for the entire day.  Trip schedules will be posted once they have been finalized.

Q: When will my child receive the camp t-shirt and when do they have to wear it?
A: They will get the camp t-shirts before the first trip in week 3 and they only need to wear it on trip dates.

Q: If I want to pick up my child early, how can I do that?   
A: You can always pick up your child at anytime of the day except from 5:00pm to 5:30pm.  We ask that you call us 10 minutes before you arrive so we have time to pack them up and prepare them to go.  We will bring your child down to the lobby where you can pick them up.  If you are driving, please tell us that you are in a car and we will bring your child out to your car. 

Q: Why am I unable to pick up my child from 5:00pm to 5:30pm?   
A: During that time, students and staff are cleaning and packing up to prepare to go down to their dismissal areas.  We have many students and we need all of our staff to monitor and supervise them while they move between locations.  This might be inconvenient for you but it is a safety issue for all the children.  Please try to schedule your pickups either before or after that time period.    

Q: Where do I go to pick up my child during dismissal? 
A: Half Day dismissal will be at the main entrance on 136th Street at 1:00PM.
    Full Day dismissal is from 5:30PM to 6:00PM through EXIT 10 (Auditorium) on 58th Rd. 
    - If you are driving to pick up your child daily please fill out the DAILY CAR PICKUP FORM. We will escort them out to your car on 136th Street in front of the building.  It could be very crowded so please be patient while we are escorting your child out.  

Q: What happens if I am late to pick up my child?  
A: Our school permit ends at 6:00PM sharp.  We are not allowed in the building for insurance/liability purposes after that time.  If you are not on time, please call us to let us know you are running late.  Expect a call from us at 5:55pm if your child has not been picked up by that time.  Your children will be waiting in front of the school with a staff member.  If we cannot reach you or any of the listed emergency contacts after 6:30PM, we will have no choice to but to bring your child to Police Precinct 109.  

Q: Are there any late fees?
A: We understand sometimes traffic is terrible and public transportation is unreliable.  For those reasons, there are no fees the first 3 times you are late after 6:00pm.  However, every occurrence after the 3rd lateness will result in a $2.00/minute fee for every minute after 6:00pm.  Late fees should be paid at the time of pickup.  

Q: My child would like to be placed in a class with their friends.  Can I request for them to be placed together? 
A: Yes.  Please list the name of the child you would like to place your child together with in the "special requests"  box on the registration form.  As long as the other parent does not object, your children will be placed together in the same class.   

Q: What activity classes will my child be attending during the afternoon part of the camp? 
A: This years afternoon activity classes are still being worked out but last years schedule can be located here: Afternoon Schedule

Q: What is your refund policy if my child cannot attend the camp? 
A: If you have a change of plans and wish to no longer attend the camp, we will give you a full refund of your payment minus a $50.00 processing fee as long as it is done by 6/1/2017.  After that date, we can no longer issue any refunds as we will have closed registration and turned away other potential students.  

Q: What is your half day program schedule?
A: We have a morning half day program ( 8:15AM to 1:00PM ) and an afternoon half day program ( 1:00PM to 6:00PM ).  The morning half is academic based and the afternoon half is recreational activity classes.  You can register for either program but there are no discounted prices for half day students.